What is radical today?
Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK (2019)

 Concept image (2019).
Installation view (2019).

Today the overtourism phenomenon and the proliferation of image consumption are transforming our cities and the way we experience places.
In this context, Unsent Postcard contrasts the consumerist and bulimic approach inverting the
and celebrating significant, intriguing and rare architectures, villages and cities through the
recovery of an unused medium of communication, the postcard. 

Restoring the Grand Tours ideas of
culture and sophistication that surround the act of travel, this project promotes slower meaningful explorations intended as an educational and research rite to be condensed on a few lines on paper.

The ad-hoc contribution “Urgente” is a pile of postcards sent to the RA as an exchange
of perspectives on alternative destinations

Greetings from an apartment 
Pop-up installation
Unfolding Pavilion
Venice, Italy (2018)

Concept image (2018).

Installation view and drawing (2018).

Greetings from an apartment is a specific selection of postcards depicting high quality and meaningful social housing projects almost unknown and “unseen” with a main focus on Gino Valle’s Giudecca complex. With their similarities and differences, the selected case studies offer glimpse of designated cities from another  point of view, related to local answers to the housing demand.

Following  the temporary nature of the Unfolding Pavilion, the Gino Valle’s selection has been available only for this event, encouraging visitors to take advantage of a short but intense moment and decide to have a printed memory of this unique experience inside a social housing  apartment and put on paper their first impressions.